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A free billiards simulation game with perfect physics and realistic graphics

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Cue Club Demo
Cue Club 2014

Striking details make you feel like you're playing a game of pool with friends.

Whether you're a novice or you've played pool for years, Cue Club is a game that puts you in the center of the action. There are options to play alone, to play against the computer or to play with other people who are online. You can chat with the people you play with as well. The game features numerous mini-games that allow you to practice your skills so that you can defeat your opponent either in a friendly game or in a competition as there are a few tournaments that you can enter. The action that you see on the screen and how you play the game is very fast. There isn't a lot of lag as far as shooting and changing from one player to another goes. This means that you can get through a game in a short time instead of waiting for each person to get done with a shot and the game to catch up with the action.

The graphics of the game are impeccable, making you feel like you're in a pool hall because of the stunning views of the table and the shots that you take as well as the sounds. You hear each ball as it's hit and when it enters the pockets on the table. You'll notice that there are physics that need to be used in order to get the balls into the pockets instead of just hitting a ball and it going to its destination like other pool games that can be played. The various tournaments have their own rules, and there are a few different types of games you can enter, such as nine-ball. Tables in the game feature different designs, such as sports themes or other patterns, instead of just a plain color. You can win items that can help your game, such as better pool sticks.


  • Details are realistic
  • Win items to help you play
  • Play with opponents online


  • Saving doesn't work all the time
  • Too easy for others to quit a match

Cue Club is a pool game that offers a lot more than you will find on most websites and older programs. It includes a wide variety of separate games and a unique rankings system.

The Cue Club Game

Over the years, most computer-based games have increased in popularity due to improvements in graphics design, better stories and layouts, and faster internet connections that allow people to play games quickly and reliably. Even pool games have enjoyed these improvements, including Cue Club, the popular game released by OneWorldBDC.

With Cue Club, players get a true-to-life look at a wide range of billiards games, all from the comfort of their home computers. Unlike various console games and previous releases for the PC, Cue Club can actually claim realism. It looks and feels like a real pool game not only due to the graphics, but also because of the complex physics that are used inside of the game. Cues must be properly chalked, speed is an important consideration, English can make or break a shot, steadiness of your hand is crucial. Cue Club strives to be very close to a real game of pool.

Features of Cue Club

The biggest feature of Cue Club is actually a set of features: The seven different types of pool you’re able to play. There is regular 8-ball, played on a regulation table, and then there is European 8-ball, which is played a lot differently. Players can try a game like 9-ball, complete with tournament rules such as fouls and ball-in-hand. If you’re a snooker fan, there are actually two separate types of snooker you can play. You can also enjoy shoot-arounds and practice games to hone your skills.

Another good feature of Cue Club is the tournament structure. After you get the hang of the game, you can compete against other players for trophies. There’s a community feel about the game, and many players gather in the chat room to talk strategy, to form teams and alliances, and to just shoot the breeze. The “club” aspect of the game is taken very seriously.

One feature that might strike you as a little odd is the color of the cloth lining the pool table. Instead of being a solid color, such as green or red, you will find that some tables have weird themes that can be quite distracting. For instance, some tables have a star on them, reminiscent of the Dallas Cowboys logo. Cloths are solid in real life for a reason, so this can be rather annoying.


  • A very realistic game
  • The tournament structure is cool
  • Seven different types of pool available
  • Chat rooms offer a social networking feel


  • You don’t get many features in the demo version
  • The tables can be a bit distracting
  • Some real players tend to flee matches if losing

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